A better way to hire and be hired

A better way to hire and be hired

Job search

More than a job search website

At Stevie, we matchmake talent and businesses.

We ditch resumes in favour of our unique profiles — where little details create a big picture to showcase what matters.

Why? Because new ways of working and career changes demand new ways of hiring. And because today, we’re looking for more: more information, more transparency and more from our work day.

Why Stevie?

Amazing Profiles

Resumes are disappearing in the rear view mirror. We ask the questions that matter to create detailed profiles. We get to know everyone.


We match people and places by aligning needs and offerings, work culture and work styles.


We provide our community with exciting opportunities to connect with the right people. No one is left in the corner.

Quick and easy

Our easy functionality means you can apply, connect, decline or start a chat with a single click.

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