How Stevie Works

How Stevie works for business

Think of Stevie as a super-efficient, really good looking, extension of your hiring team.

We keep it simple. We find who you need. We save you time.

Just kick back and read the profiles in our shortlist of top talent.

  1. 01 Create a business profile
  2. 02 Post a job listing
  3. 03 Review Stevie’s talent shortlist
  4. 04 Send a ‘nudge’ to the people you’d like to chat with
  5. 05 Meet and hire

How Stevie works for talent

We know that a CV doesn’t tell your whole story. And we want to help you find jobs that are right up your alley.

We help you to create an in-depth profile by asking questions that draw out your strengths, skills and aspirations. And that puts you front and centre.

Once you’ve created a profile, start browsing and apply for jobs with a single click.

  1. 01 Create your profile
  2. 02 View job listings
  3. 03 Apply with a single click
  4. 04 Accept or decline a connection request or job opportunity
  5. 05 Up-skill via our Training Hub